Party Safety Tip via QPS

Party Safety Tip

In light of a recent party which saw one police officer injured and several persons arrested, Sandgate Police want to pass on the Party Safe message.

The party was on Australia Day at Sandgate and got out of control when intoxicated guests spilled onto surrounding streets. Police were called by concerned local residents, and during the arrest of one person, an officer from Sandgate was seriously assaulted. Investigations are ongoing.

Everyone loves a great party, but remember intoxicated guests or gatecrashes can ruin the fun for everyone. Hosts are urged to register their party at least one week before the event, with their local police. By registering your party, police will have all the information they need to know if they are called to your party to deal with an incident.

Wrist bands can be provided to help hosts ensure only invited guests are allowed into the party.

Further tips for hosts include making entrance by invitation only (remember those wrist bands,; clearly state on the invitation whether the party is no alcohol, BYO or whether alcohol will be provided. It is easier to control the amount of alcohol served if the party is not BYO.

Remember to consider your neighbours, let them know in advance and be mindful of noise. Be considerate of where sound system speakers are placed and remember that police will investigate excessive noise complaints 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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