Scam Alert!


Scam Alert!

A vigilant NSR client has alerted us today to a new “SCAM” doing the rounds at the moment that could affect you. Businesses are receiving a telephone call from someone stating they are from a Security Company e.g. Division Security and stating that the businesses alarm Panel has a low battery and needs immediate attention.The person on the phone then states they can fix the issue remotely and they just need the “PIN NUMBER” to fix it.
NSR Security will not call clients asking for a “PIN NUMBER” to repair any issue. Never give out your Security Code or Pin Number to anyone, your Security Company will have that information already, after all they installed the system or Monitor it.

For information on current “Scams” that could affect you or your business go to Scam Watch Web Site to view what is currently going around.

Stephen Ellis JP (Qual) Business Development Manager NSR Security.

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