Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring


What is Alarm Monitoring?

When the alarm system installed at your property reacts to an emergency condition, the control panel is activated. At the time of alarm activations, the control panel dials out over the phone line, ethernet connection or GPRS (depending on the type of alarm system installed) and sends your system’s coded alarm signals to the Monitoring Centre. There, your alarm signals are acted upon immediately.

Upon receipt of this data the specially designed automated alarm monitoring equipment enables our operators: 

  • To access the confidential, mission-critical account information, which is maintained for all customers.
  • To relay this vital information to the emergency responding authorities.
  • To advise the authorities of the nature of the emergency and to give them any special information regarding the alarm.
  • To advise the authorities of any specific procedures, etc. – according to the type of alarm codes received and in compliance with customer requests.
  • To contact and advise the key holders.



Our Phone Line Alarm Monitoring is invoiced monthly and costs $30 ex GST.
Our GPRS Visual Alarm Monitoring is invoiced monthly and costs $40 ex GST. This includes the supply and management of the Data Sim.

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