NSR Visual Alarm: Features

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Visual Alarm Features


Interactivity - Security with smart app capabilities

The NSR Visual Alarm meets consumer demands with an interactive smartphone app that provides the reassurance and convenience of remote arming/disarming. The FREE App is a simple app that lets you arm or disarm your alarm system from anywhere and at anytime. Forgot to set your alarm before heading off to work- no problems!

Please note: The FREE App will not work on some earlier Visual Alarm Systems and requires main power to the control panel. Ask one of our friendly staff for more information before making your purchase.

The NSR Visual Alarm App is compatible with the following phones/platforms and can be downloaded at the respective app stores:

Partial Arming / Night Mode

Visual Alarm Systems can be programmed so that different areas of your office/home are armed or disarmed at different times. This is especially useful for Residential Systems where you may want to arm certain parts of your home at night to give you peace of mind- but still allow you to move around without setting off the alarm. It is also useful in an office environment where you may not want staff to enter into certain areas of your office.

Scheduled Arming

The NSR Visual Systems can be programmed for auto arming so that the system automatically arms and/or disarms at certain times of the day. You can also specify different schedules for each day of the week. This is very useful in a business environment when your office closes or opens at a set time. You can go home and relax knowing that if your staff have forgotten to arm the office, the system will automatically arm for you.

Access Control

You choose who you want to have access into what areas. You may not want a specific staff member to access a particular area of your office. You can also set time parameters so that you can decide when each staff member's code or badge will work in the system. You may need your staff to access the office during the day, but you may not want them accessing the office after hours.
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