NSR Visual Alarms: FAQ

Visual Alarms: Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional alarm sensors, visual alarm sensors take a 10-second video clip every time the built-in PIR trips for verification and Priority Response from the police.


Video: Bar break-in. With the NSR Visual Alarm System, our operators would be able to describe an actual person breaking into a restaurant, not just a sensor trip. Because the intruders are wearing masks, an after the fact CCTV system would be of little use while the visual system is going to deliver a notice while the crime is still in progress.

The video specs are fixed and the file size is kept small intentionally to ensure FASTEST possible transmission to the monitoring centre. Visual Alarms are designed to VERIFY, not identify.

Video: Warehouse break-in. On a Saturday morning, would you rather find out your business is being broken into within minutes of the intrusion with basic video or when you return to work on Monday morning with high-resolution recorded video when all your stuff is already gone?

Traditional high-resolution camera systems are HISTORICAL video tools, used for post-event follow up and forensic details. Visual Alarms are an IMMEDIATE video tool, allowing for reaction while the crime is still in progress. Don’t allow a trespasser to vandalize or steal all night!

Video: Workshop break-in. The intruder covers the camera, which would render a traditional camera useless. However, the Visual Alarm System had already sent the notification with video to the monitoring centre so the police were already being dispatched!

Because the entire system is wireless and capable of running on batteries, it can be installed anywhere there is a Telstra GSM signal!

Video: Jobsite break-in. Intruders were siphoning fuel from the jobsite machinery in the middle of the night. With Visual Alarms, the contractor could deploy the cameras at the end of the workday no matter where the machinery ended up!

No. The panel always transmit to our professionally staffed 24-hour monitoring centre to provide customers with full-time security and peace of mind. Customers are notified ONLY when human activity has been confirmed and not on non-emergency events…no monkeying around! However, videos can often be emailed after the event is verified.

Video: A monkey climbs around on a phone tower.

Cameras have BUILT-IN infrared illuminators.
Outdoor= 30 feet, Indoor= 15 feet

Video: Outdoor camera in the woods catches a deer moving around. Because of the built-in infrared illuminators, the monitoring operator can clearly see it is not human activity and can therefore avoid dispatching the police.

No. Because the camera is a proprietary ALL-IN-ONE component, camera reaction time to a PIR trip is nearly instantaneous (1/10th sec)

Video: Truck drives straight into a warehouse. Although the truck is moving pretty fast when it enters, the camera begins capturing the image before the truck is even halfway through the opening.

No. Through the advanced algorithmic technology in the PIR, the camera does not trip on rain, snow or lightning except in extreme cases.
The cameras are designed to protect clients’ privacy and therefore do not allow remote look-in capabilities. Remember, because of the integrated PIR motion sensor, the system is always looking in for the customer and will notify you when something is happening.

Video: An intruder walking past a trailer. Because this event happens in mere seconds, the likelihood of noticing it without an event-driven system like the NSR Visual Alarm System is minimal.

If you are doing an install where theft may be a major concern, remember you can install devices very subtly since they do not need to be wired or powered. Even if someone does approach an armed camera, the event will be captured and transmitted to the panel…which may be hundreds of feet away!

Video: Intruders grab a camera in a high school gymnasium. Because the device is not wired or powered, it continues to capture the video as it is fumbled around and the system's communications are unaffected.

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