NSR Visual Alarm: How it Works

What is an NSR Visual Alarm?

The NSR Visual Alarm is a unique alarm system that actually captures video footage, and sends the footage to our Monitoring Centre when activated. Because our operators can view the footage prior to actioning, they can determine if the activation is a crime in progress and dispatch the police. Eliminating false alarms and ensuring a quicker response from the police.

The NSR Visual Alarm is completely wireless, and doesn't require a phone line. This makes the system ideal for renters and commercial properties. Because there are no cables the system is very portable and can be moved around your home or business when required. The NSR Visual Alarm comes with a 12 month warranty for all parts including the batteries.

How does it work?

When an intruder walks past one of the infrared sensors it activates a small video camera that is built into the detector. The video camera then records the footage and sends it to our monitoring centre, along with the alarm activation details. One of our operators then views the footage and determines whether or not the alarm needs actioning. If the video footage is of a cat (or other false alarm) the operator makes a note of the false alarm and doesn't action. If the the video footage is of a person, the operator will immediately contact the police and report a crime in progress. Because the operator has video evidence that a crime is in progress, the police will prioritise the call, which leads to faster responses and more arrests.

Videofied Process

  • No false alarms
  • Quicker Police response times
  • More arrests Action

Systems are tailored to your specific requirements, and all systems sold include programming, installation, Telstra Data Sim and commissioning to our 24 Hour Monitoring Centre.
Plus we will re-attend your site in 12 months time to carry-out a FREE service.
The system also comes with a 12 Month Warranty on all Parts and Labour (including batteries).

For a FREE no obligation quote, call us on 1300 307 839 or email us at admin@nsr.net.au for more details.
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