2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games could have biggest security presence ever

2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games could have biggest security presence ever

The Gold Coast is set to host the Commonwealth Games in just two years time. And while it may seem a little early to begin planning security measures, officials are wasting no time.

"Security is a top priority," explained Commonwealth Games chairman Peter Beattie to The Courier Mail. "The eyes of the world will be watching and there will be some 1,100 hours of live television, so the last thing we want is security problems."

As many as 5,000 security professionals are set to be hired for the game - a number that already has overshadowed what was considered to be an impressive event security presence during the 2014 G20 summit in Brisbane.

The proposed number of security officials is set to go down as the largest security presence in Australia over the past decade. Once police and armed service are factored in, it will arguably be the biggest security team of all time, explained The Courier.

A response to the London Olympics

The proactive security planning is largely being attributed to the inadequate security at the 2012 London Olympics. The events were riddled with issues surrounding protection that were primarily caused by rushed security preparations.

As such, the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (GOLDOC) is wasting no time - giving their team plenty of leeway to work out the details of these security precautions.

The GOLDOC has conducted meetings with international agencies to ensure optimal protection against terrorist attacks while also securing access to detailed briefing sessions from the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation. These resources will likely be used as critical reference points to better understand how to adequately protect various event locations.

The importance of proactive event security measures

These proactive security preparations can teach event leaders everywhere an important lesson about securing your event with plenty of wiggle room. Major events often require multiple layers of security.

Whether it is mobile patrol security, video alarm systems, security guards or a combination of the three, giving yourself adequate time to understand what precautions you will need to take will ensure your event is as secure as possible. Start by conducting a proper risk assessment and then pinpointing which security protocols would best protect your location and attendants. 

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