3 reasons to hire event security for your Christmas party

3 reasons to hire event security for your Christmas party

Are you in charge of planning your work's Christmas party this year? If so, consider employing event security in order to ensure everything is safe and secure. 

Queensland police recommend determining what kind of security you require as you plan your party. In some cases, such as a large work Christmas affair, private security guards can help manage any unruly behaviour. 

Moreover, Queensland police also note that having highly visible security discourages gatecrashers and helps maintain a higher standard of behaviour of your guests for the night.

Here are three key benefits of hiring event security:

1) Controlled guestlist

Having private security at the entrances and exits ensures that only those authorised to enter are allowed to do so. This gives you control over who attends your event without having to worry about holding up guests from entering.

Moreover, security guards can also keep a record of those they admit to the event. If something unexpected does occur, it's easy for staff to refer back to a list.

2) Monitor the situation

Even as the organiser, it can be difficult to keep a close watch of everything going on during the night. However, event security can monitor what's happening while communicating with each other, reducing the likelihood of anything getting out of control.

Furthermore, this allows you to enjoy yourself and leave the monitoring of the event to the professionals. 

3) Immediately address any issues

Rather than wait for police, private security guards can immediately react if any guests  begin to misbehave. While security guards do not have the same power as the police, community legal centre Youthlaw note that they are able to use reasonable force if individuals refuse to leave the premises.

Creating an enjoyable yet safe event

 If your Christmas party is on work premises, consider keeping alarm systems active to prevent any theft or unwanted behaviour. 

Failing to facilitate a safe party can have serious consequences. Queensland police note that an individual who is responsible for organising a party that gets out of hand has committed an offence. In some cases, the person may be charged and convicted resulting in a serious fine. However, it is unlikely this will be the case if you employ reliable event security.

Need help managing an event? Contact the team at NSR Security, our experts are happy to help advise you on the best security solution to fit your needs. 

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