3 situations that can be solved by cash-in-transit services

3 situations that can be solved by cash-in-transit services

Cash is one of the most important assets for any business, but it's also a risk. 

For companies that handle a lot of cash, such as retail stores, it can be difficult to keep it secure when it's being transported to the bank. While businesses do have the option to put procedures in place to ensure employees shift it safely, employing specialised cash-in-transit services is better for all involved. 

Here are three situations that are a sign you need to outsource this practice to a professional. 

1. Your business is moving cash late at night

Many businesses, such as liquor stores or service stations, are either open late or 24 hours a day, meaning it's difficult for them to move cash safely. A 2007 report from the Center for Population-Oriented Policing in the US found these were some of the most at-risk targets for robberies and other violent crimes. 

The worst thing employees can do in these situations is risk trying to move cash at night or when shifts end, as there are fewer people around and reduced visibility. Instead, these companies should be looking into how a specialist service can alleviate these pressures. 

2. Cash is always transported at the same time

For some smaller businesses, difficult to find the time to get everything done. In these situations, it's common to fall into a routine out of necessity. 

If cash is moved at the same time every day or week, eagle-eyed criminals could catch on, compromising the security of your cash and the safety of staff. 

3. Your property is far from the bank

The further a business is from the bank, the longer the cash-transportation process takes, greatly increasing the risk. Not only does this reduce the safety for employees carrying the money, it also affects those left to secure the store by themselves. 

To make these processes safer, ensure your video security methods are up-to-date as well. 

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