3 tips for conducting a risk assessment of your workplace

3 tips for conducting a risk assessment of your workplace

Staying ahead of the criminal element in society is a constant battle, particularly for businesses that operate during the day and close down at night. Security systems and mobile patrols can be excellent deterrents and alarms are likely to drive off any intruders should they risk a forced entry of your premises, but there is more that can be done to combat crime.

Advances in security and crime prevention are evolving all the time, however lawbreakers are not idle, and are also constantly searching for ways to get around your solution. Already in 2016, Queensland has seen 5,300 incidents of unlawful entry according to the state police.

For that reason, it's important to conduct regular security assessments of your workplace, to address any weaknesses before they can be exploited. Here are three areas that you should look carefully at.

1) Landscaping

If your premises has trees or shrubs around the exterior, these could aid potential intruders in ways you may not expect. Whether it's by providing an effective place to hide while planning an entry into the building, or potentially serving as a means of access to the roof or high windows, your vegetation may need a second look.

If you're concerned any greenery around your workplace could make the criminal's job easier, consider removing or at least trimming back some branches and leaves. Removing the hiding or climbing element from your location can significantly improve your security.

2) Lighting

There's little argument that the vast majority of unlawful entries take place at night, under the cover of darkness. If your business is far from streetlights, it's easy for criminals to shelter in shadowy areas and wait for the ideal time to strike.

One trick is to remove that ability to hide by installing security lights around your workplace. Whether always on or working with motion sensors, it's an affordable way to boost security and reduce the odds of someone trying to gain entry without authorisation.

3) Mobile patrol security

For businesses well away from residential neighbourhoods or popular nightlife locations, the chances of someone hearing and responding to suspicious noises are slim. For the best protection, having an expert around to keep an eye on things is ideal.

Mobile security patrols involve a trained guard driving from place to place and periodically monitoring the situation. Having those eyes on the ground is a terrific asset, so speak to NSR Security today about bringing a mobile patrol to your business.

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