3 ways a mobile patrol can save you money

3 ways a mobile patrol can save you money

Safeguarding company assets is a priority for many businesses and often requires you to invest in comprehensive security solutions. One option available to organisations is mobile patrols.

This measure involves a guard driving between a number of different companies to check for signs of criminal activity at their properties. Each mobile patrol contract is different, but they can include external and internal checks, depending on clients' needs.

Guards are an increasingly popular line of defence among businesses, with the number of people employed in the industry climbing nearly 16 per cent in the five years to November 2014, according to government figures.

Let's examine some of the ways that a mobile patrol can save your business money.

1. Detect and stop burglaries and vandalism

Perhaps the most obvious way mobile patrols can cut costs at your business is to stop thieves and other criminals from stealing or damaging your property. Even if your insurance offsets some of these expenses, you might not be entirely covered for all losses. Frequent claims on your insurance will also raise your premiums.

2. Mobile patrols are cost-effective

Hiring static guards across long shifts can be expensive, especially if you have also paid for sophisticated alarm and video surveillance systems. The benefit of mobile patrols is that several organisations share the costs of the guards, creating important savings if you're on a budget.

3. Act as a deterrent

It's often said that prevention is better than a cure - and mobile patrols can prove a convincing deterrent for would-be burglars and vandals. Knowing that guards regularly patrol your premises can stop criminals from even attempting to gain access.

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