3 ways to keep your construction site secure

3 ways to keep your construction site secure

Generally, all properties are more vulnerable when they are unattended. However, construction sites pose a unique set of challenges for site managers trying to keep them secure. 

These sites need protection 24/7, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution for the job. It's up to construction companies to manage a host of security options to keep their staff and property protected from all manner of threats, day or night. 

It's definitely something that all builders should be taking seriously, as thefts could result in the loss of expensive tools, equipment or materials. A report from the Australian Institute of Criminology found that 39 per cent of residential builders throughout the country had been the victim of either theft or vandalism.

Worryingly, the majority of these are repeat offences, with 65 per cent of thefts involving someone who has been a victim before. For vandalism, this figure was 66 per cent. 

So, to ensure your construction site is protected at all times, what can you do? Here are three options. 

1. Monitor important areas

There are a number of zones within a construction site that could draw unwanted attention, day or night. If you have places where equipment is stored or left unattended for long periods of time it needs to be monitored. 

Traditionally, this was difficult at construction sites as the infrastructure needed to maintain security cameras was often not built. With the video alarm systems NSR lease, this problem is avoided due to the fact that they are wireless and battery-operated, meaning they can be put to use in the most remote areas of your site. 

2. Eliminate temptation

This can be difficult to manage, as construction sites are often targets for thieves. Not only is there normally a wealth of tools on site, there is also often plenty of leftover scrap metal that - in some cases - is even more valuable to these individuals. 

The key is to reduce the amount of extra materials, tools or machinery left on site, ensuring there is less temptation for criminals. 

3. Employ a security guard

While NSR's technological security measures are great at what they do, comprehensive plans should include a human element as well. This is where NSR's security guards come in, giving your site a human presence that is trained to pick out any odd behaviour. 

Guards are not only ideal at night but also during the day. Here, they can act as gatekeepers, keeping track who and what comes in and out of a site. 

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