4 benefits of highly-trained security guards

4 benefits of highly-trained security guards

While modern alarm systems are a useful way to ensure the security of a business or event, nothing can beat the presence of a security guard.

With highly-trained personnel, you'll have experts on-site and ready to respond to any security incidents that may arise. It's time to learn more about the benefits of a security guard service - and the offering from NSR Security.


Alarm systems alert authorities to robberies once they've already occurred - but security guards prevent them happening in the first place. Guards are crime deterrents, as thieves will likely avoid areas where they can clearly see a guard. What's more, guards also seek out potential crime, looking for thieves and signs of disturbances.

NSR: Our security guards can be rostered to work anywhere from four to 24 hours. If you want guards to remain overnight, they can do so.


Security guards rostered to work during the day can provide a valuable monitoring service for your business. With security personnel onsite, you'll have experts to keep track of who enters and exits the premises, check delivery trucks and keep an eye on CCTV systems.

NSR: Our guards can sight contractor White Cards and ensure that no person takes your equipment off-site without the proper permission.

Access to patrols

Security guards rarely work alone, especially those at NSR Security. While you may only have one guard onsite at any given point, there could be as many as 15 patrol vehicles conducting regular checks on the premises from afar.

NSR: Our security guard offering is a network - there are guards stationed both at your business and in vehicles ready to provide additional support and monitor disturbances.

Workplace Health and Safety

This last advantage may seem unusual, but it could actually save businesses a significant amount of money. By having guards on construction sites or in place in other hazardous workplaces, there's little risk of someone trespassing and injuring themselves. A guard will notice the individual and ensure they're escorted offsite.

NSR: Our guards are as effective on construction sites as they are in factories, and can easily reduce the chances of a workplace accident.

Security is undeniably important, and businesses cannot afford to rely on alarm systems alone. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of static guards, reach out to NSR Security today.

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