4 benefits of hiring static guards

4 benefits of hiring static guards

Sadly, crime is an issue that every business must tackle, which often means investing in comprehensive security solutions. Research from IBISWorld shows that demand for investigation and security services is on the rise, with the sector experiencing 1.1 per cent annual growth between 2011 and 2016.

Static guards - uniformed personnel who remain at your premises - are a popular form of security at many organisations. Whether you require a 24-hour shift or a more streamlined solution, there are a number of benefits to hiring security guards at your firm.

1. Peace of mind

Business owners and employees feel safer when qualified guards are on-site to prevent criminal behaviour or confrontations. This may be particularly important if the company deals with high-value goods or keeps a significant amount of money on the premises, such as banks or jewellers.

2. Surveillance

Static guards aren't just there to deal with dangerous situations; they can also help monitor the business and inform you of any potential gaps in security measures. Depending on your needs, guards can also oversee your control room and video alarm systems.

3. Area access and restriction

Your business may need to restrict access to certain areas of the site, such as when an accident has occurred or a department is undergoing maintenance or restoration. Security guards ensure the right people are able to go where they are needed, while preventing customers or staff members from entering forbidden zones.

4. Additional customer service

Many security guards will feel like a member of the team once they've worked at your business for a certain period of time. They will often be happy to provide help to customers, such as providing directions or helping them find an employee for further assistance.

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