4 tips for protecting your business while on holiday

4 tips for protecting your business while on holiday

Long days at work and colder temperatures have all of us dreaming of a getaway. But before you pack your bags and jet set out on your next vacation, you should make sure your business is properly protected. 

When businesses close down for national holidays or extended vacations, they can become more susceptible to robberies and theft. When opportunity arises, criminals are likely to strike. 

While the number of robberies in Queensland in 2016 is on pace to be lower than 2015, according to Queensland Police News, businesses must prepare themselves for all scenarios.

When it comes to theft, the best prevention method is preparedness. Business owners should take as many precautionary measures as possible before they leave on vacation, to ensure their location don't fall victim to theft. How? We've compiled a list of our top tips and tricks.

1. Make your security measures visible: If you were a criminal looking to rob a storefront, would you target the business with cameras pointed at the front door or the location with none? Businesses that have decided to utilise cameras or alarm systems as a part of their security protocol should try and highlight these devices when possible. This has the potential to scare criminals away before committing the crime.

2. Limit the amount of cash on premise: While you will ideally be able to avoid a theft altogether, it's wise to limit the potential losses before you leave. Keep the amount of cash in your building to a minimum to lessen the financial hit in case of a break-in.

3. Make it less obvious: Don't make it glaringly obvious that your building is abandoned when your company goes on holiday. Try keeping the lights on in a visible window or activating a radio during day time hours. These little distraction methods can make it seem as though the building is occupied, making your business less of a target.

4. Invest in mobile patrols: Still looking for something more concrete? Enlist the help of NSR Security's mobile patrol services. Our trained security guards will visit your business location and check the premises for any signs of suspicious activity. Our solution can be catered to your needs, with a variety of package options from a quick check of the outside of your business to an internal inspection.

To learn more about how you can gain peace of mind about your business' security during holiday leaves check out more of our NSR Security solutions today.

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