4 ways to keep your business safe from burglars

4 ways to keep your business safe from burglars

Burglaries can have wide-ranging effects on businesses in Queensland. At the lower end of the scale, your company could experience property damage and the theft of some valuables.

In more serious cases, criminals could steal extremely expensive equipment, as well as sensitive personal data and intellectual property, resulting in significant financial losses and reputational repercussions.

You should therefore always implement strong preventative measures to help minimise the chances that your business will fall victim to criminal behaviour. Here are a few quick tips on how to stop thieves from targeting your premises.

1. Invest in sophisticated alarms

Alarm systems are one of the first lines of defence in protecting your office, but products often vary in quality and usefulness. For example, many people who hear alarm sirens ignore them, meaning you may wish to purchase a system that ensures a security guard shows up at your offices to investigate.

2. Key control

Your business will no doubt require at least one individual to open up the premises and lock everything once all employees have left for the day. Keeping track of the keys you hand out for these purposes is essential, and you should perform regular inventories to check whether any keys have been lost or stolen.

3. Provide security training

Even with all the right systems, technology and processes in place, your business could still be at risk from employee errors. Ensure you have a comprehensive security policy that informs staff of their obligations, as well as offering periodic training to check your personnel are following procedures.

4. Warning signs

Queensland Police advises posting strategic signs around the property and its grounds to ward off potential burglars. The notices should highlight any surveillance equipment you are using, the fact that you don't keep money on the premises and that trespassers will be prosecuted.

Would you like more information on how alarm response solutions and other security measures could help your business? Please get in touch with NSR Security today.

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