4 ways to protect your company’s carpark

4 ways to protect your company’s carpark

Does your business use a carpark? Many firms require large carparks to store company vehicles as well as provide space for clients and visitors. 

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), our country has one of the highest global rates of vehicle theft with 2009/2010 seeing approximately 82,900 automobiles stolen. The AIC also stated that in three out of four cases, it is young and opportunistic who are responsible. Moreover, this type of crime costs the community an estimated $1 billion each year.

Large spaces can be difficult to protect and manage, whether at night or during the day. Managing the risk, however, does not need to be a difficult task. Here are four ways to secure your company's carpark:

1) Enforce protocols

Ensure you have comprehensive vehicle policies for staff members. The ACT Police Force recommend implementing strategies to prevent vehicle theft, including keeping valuables out of sight if they are left in a locked car.

Incorporating safe principles can reduce the likelihood of your company being vulnerable to theft. Having a written policy reinforces these concepts to your staff, ensuring that all personnel are aware 

2) Utilise car alarms

The ACT Police Force also suggest using anti-theft devices on your vehicles, such as car alarms. This can help secure a carpark as an alarm can bring attention to a burglary and even prevent its success. A general alarm system within the carpark can also help secure the space, alerting you to any potential break-ins.

According to a report by UK firm Burnt Tree, new techniques used for criminal activity means it can only take four minutes in some circumstances to steal a car, start it and drive away.

3) Employ security guards

In many cases, simply noting who is arriving on your premises and what their intent is can curb criminal activity. For example, a break in at a luxury car dealership could have been prevented by security guards at the entrance, keeping an eye on who is entering.

Of course, this is dependent on hiring quality and reliable staff from a company with a proven record that you can trust.

4) Invest in video security

Solutions such as video alarm systems allow your premises to be monitored off-site by a team of professionals. This not only protects company vehicles but client cars as well, attributing to a high standard of customer experience.

Video security can reduce the chance of vehicle break-ins and vandalism as well as foster safety for employees using the carpark at late hours.

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