Audacious construction theft proves the danger of complacency

Audacious construction theft proves the danger of complacency

Construction companies might think they're immune from the threat of overnight burglary that other businesses have to deal with, especially when it comes to protecting the sites they're working on. After all, who's going to be able to steal a complicated piece of machinery like a digger?

For one unfortunate New Zealand business, that question was answered recently - and the result isn't quite what you'd expect. With no video alarms systems in sight, an offender was able to break into a yard and steal a digger - sparking what was rather generously called a police pursuit.

Surely, the company's security systems were put to the ultimate test by this crime right? Surprisingly, the offender was no suave professional criminal like George Clooney in Oceans 11, but instead was an intoxicated 16 year old boy. To the burglar's credit, he took security seriously, and was seen wearing a hard hat for the duration of the pursuit. 

It even provided an opportunity for the New Zealand Police to flex its muscles, sending multiple vehicles out in a pursuit that - according to a June 18 New Zealand Herald article - could comfortably be considered low speed. 

The event showed the dangers of complacency for all companies, not just those in the construction industry. After all, if an intoxicated youth can easily steal one of your expensive and vital pieces of machinery, there are serious holes in your security procedures. 

If you're not comfortable fitting each new site with security cameras, you should at least be prepared to bring a human element into these processes. Our mobile security patrols can check a building, storage yard or construction site throughout the night to ensure none of your equipment is being used in a police pursuit. 

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