Australians less concerned about domestic security

Australians less concerned about domestic security

What concerns do Australians have regarding international affairs? The latest survey from Roy Morgan Research indicates that this greatly differs from domestic issues.

With security a high global problem, reduced robbery rates may be linked to decreasing domestic crime concerns. However, with theft still affecting thousands of Australians, security solutions should remain an essential component of any business strategy.

Australians more concerned about global security than domestic

According to a recent analysis by Roy Morgan Research, despite concerns about world security, Australians are less worried about domestic crime. The survey indicated that the biggest global concerns are terrorism, wars and security at 30 per cent in October this year - a 10 per cent increase since July.

However, for domestic concerns, economic issues such as unemployment were ranked the highest at 38 per cent, a slight increase on previous data (1 per cent).

Do Australians have good reason to be less concerned about domestic security? Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) suggests the number of crime victims is reducing.

Robbery victims decrease for the fifth year in a row

Data from ABS earlier this year noted that robbery victims decreased by 16 per cent in 2014 and are now a third of figures reported in 2010.

"There was almost an even split between armed and unarmed robbery in 2014, with the majority of robberies occurring in either a retail," said ABS representative William Milne.

"Our data also showed five-year lows in a number of other offence categories, including homicide, kidnapping and motor vehicle theft."

However, with almost 10,000 victims of robbery recorded by police last year, alarm systems and other security solutions remain essential to protecting business premises.

Many companies seek a more sophisticated approach to security that takes advantage of modern technology. One such option is video security that is not only capable of recording a crime in action but also utilises off-site monitoring that can respond accordingly. 

For information on our video alarm systems and other security solutions, contact the experts at NSR who are happy to help.

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