Burglars force takeaway store to close

Burglars force takeaway store to close

The effects of a burglary can be devastating on a number of levels, with the financial and psychological implications often lasting until well after any physical damage is repaired. 

To reduce the likelihood of becoming a target for theft, businesses should be taking as much care as possible. This includes setting up cameras or video alarm systems so any illegal activity can be captured and acted upon, preventing further crime from taking place. 

An extreme case of what a burglary can do to a business was observed in Racecourse, North Queensland recently, highlighting just how damaging this behaviour can be. 

Thieves ruin new business

​Hoppy's Express Takeaway was decimated by burglars on the night of June 16. The offenders pillaged the building's freezers and stockroom, taking almost the entire supply of food and drink, including packs of soft drink, burgers, lasagne and frozen fish fillets

The severity of the break in resulted in the worst possible outcome for the business, with the losses enough to force its closure. 

Understandably, Co-owner Donna Hopkinson is still struggling to come to terms with the thieves' actions. 

"We were just trying to find our feet and we were just starting to get really good," she told the Daily Mercury on June 17. 

"To put all your hard work and everything into it, just to have it taken away in one day because someone thinks they're entitled to something they haven't worked for... just breaks me."

The police are investigating the crime, and have combed the store for prints in what will hopefully be a successful investigation. 

Businesses that believe they are at risk of similar behaviour should be investing in security services such as mobile patrols, where a guard will inspect a business multiple times throughout the night. 

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