Can social media help catch a criminal?

Can social media help catch a criminal?

The NSW and Queensland police forces have a new ally to help catch criminals - Facebook.

While this may seem unlikely, the both state police forces has been using the platform to appeal to the public for information regarding petty crimes. While this may be the case for some crimes, it is still important to take steps to prevent criminals from successfully accessing your business premises.

One way to facilitate this is through effective protocols such as mobile patrol security services to boost existing alarm systems.

Social media and crime reduction

The NSW Police Force has more than 500,000 followers on Facebook, while the QLD Police has more than 700,000. Both ensure they make good use of their audience, using the platform to facilitate these key aims:

  • Information regarding state-wide crime, including arrests
  • Fulfilling customer service needs
  • Community tips on crime prevention
  • Any information on major events
  • Appealing to the public for information regarding certain crimes

In an interview with 9 News, NSW Police Force Senior Constable Sue Carter explains how the Crime Stoppers aspect of its Facebook page is helping reduce petty theft.

"We put a story on there just warning the residents to keep a lookout for possible suspicious people and then they contact the police station or Crime Stoppers," says Senior Constable Carter.

While these avenues can often help solve petty crimes, larger cases are better left in the hands of capable detectives. However, as different avenues allow petty crime to be solved quicker, more attention can be paid to serious crimes.

Discouraging theft

While social media can prove useful in solving minor incidents, preventing the crime before it occurs is the best way to create a secure business premises. One way to foster a safe working environment is through utilising mobile patrol security.

Not only does this service act as a security measure against crime, it can also be used as a support system for your staff. For businesses that are open at late hours, mobile patrols can check in to ensure your employees are safe.

Oftentimes, workers can forget to ensure all windows and doors are locked securely and these services act as a backup for these instances.

Do you think your workplace could benefit from mobile patrol security? For more information on this and our wide range of security services, contact the team at NSR. 

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