Conducting a proper risk assessment of your premises

Conducting a proper risk assessment of your premises

For any and all business owners, security is something that needs to be addressed. Inadequate planning can lead to an increased susceptibility to robberies, vandalism and other crime. The first step to optimal security planning involves conducting a thorough risk assessment of your business. This will help you decide what kinds of security you will need (mobile patrol security, video alarm systems etc.) and to what scope.

According to the Queensland Government, these assessments include a variety of elements. From examining details about your surrounding area to taking notes on current staff security measures, it can be difficult to remember the elements that make up an ideal risk assessment. To make things a little easier, we've created a list of the most important questions to consider:

How big is your business?

The intricacies of your security measures are often determined by the size of your company, explained All Business. As such, this is a major question to address during your risk assessment. This encompasses both the size of your team, building and clientele, as well as their relation to each other. Do you operate in a huge warehouse but only employ 5 workers? What security risks does this setup cause? Smaller locations generally require less security than large corporate headquarters. Consider your size as the first step of your assessment.

What risks does your industry present?

Is your business a bakery or a jewelry store? What do each of these industries mean in terms of risk? Obviously, a jewelry store carries more financially valuable items than a bakery store. As such, the jeweller likely needs more protection. Take a second to consider what level of risk your industry is associated with.

How does your location play into the crime climate?

Are you in a city centre or a quiet suburb? What is the most common type of crime in your area? Location plays a huge role in a competent security assessment and can better determine what equipment you need for adequate protection. City locations may be better suited for video alarm systems whereas more remote locations may benefit from mobile patrol security.

Here at NSR Security we are happy to help our customers decide what measures work best for them. With years of service under our belts and a 24/7 operations centre, we can ensure your business is protected. To learn more, check out our solutions today!

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