Criminal in costume hijacks motorcycle

Criminal in costume hijacks motorcycle

Business vehicles can be expensive to replace - and easy to steal. The Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded 65,600 incidents of motor vehicle theft over the 12 months before 2011-12.

A Victorian business has experienced just this, with a blatant daytime robbery. Securing your business premises can prove to be a cost-effective solution to deterring theft and stopping robberies in progress. 

Unusually dressed thief bypasses security

Victoria Police has requested information regarding an uniquely dressed criminal.

The thief was dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and stole a BMW motorcycle from a car dealership in Doncaster on September 7. While this is a seemingly amusing report, the criminal cost the dealership two high-end motorcycles as well as setting fire to the stolen van he used to drive to the premises.

Motor vehicle theft can be costly, and protecting business cars when the property is vacant can be even more difficult. 

What measures could have prevented the crime?

Security guards stationed at the rear gates could have prevented the man from entering the premises. Having dedicated personnel guarding your business who are well-trained can help deter criminals from risking a robbery.  

Even if working alone, NSR security guards are always equipped with communication devices to notify back-up quickly.

Modern video alarm systems are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, too. These security systems not only deter crime but can prevent one in action due to professionals monitoring the footage. The security personnel are able to determine whether it is a crime in action and notify the police immediately.

This an effective security measure and it can prove useful when a criminal is armed or dangerous. 

In order to prevent your business vehicles from potential thieves, contact NSR for advice on how to best protect your company's premises.

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