Ensuring your conference runs according to plan

Ensuring your conference runs according to plan

For many in the field of events management - whether seasoned professionals or newcomers hoping to make an impression - little else is as important as security.

Holding any sort of gathering is bound to invite trouble, especially when such events are held in public conference and exhibition halls. To ensure your next conference or event runs according to plan - without any security-related hiccups - consider the event security solution from NSR Security.

After all, who would want to attend an event when there's a serious risk of theft or violence?

What exactly is event security?

Ensuring your event runs smoothly should be your paramount concern when holding a conference or trade show, and this is a prime opportunity for dedicated event security personnel.

If you're already familiar with our security guard offering, our service for events is slightly different.

Instead of just posting guards outside the main doors, we'll put guards in place and equip them with the information they need to maintain a high level of security. For example, they'll keep guest lists and work with you to keep people safe, not just the property.

Support when it's required

In some cases, it's necessary to call in additional support if an event gets out of hand. Our service means our guards will always have support available if it's required. They're able to call a 24 hour operations centre where we can then dispatch patrol units to bolster the security at your event.

If required, we can also register your event with a nearby police station so they're aware of what's happening. This can prove useful: guards are excellent for deterrence and preventing people entering without authorisation, but police can provide another layer of support.

Guards: Highly trained and fit for purpose

At NSR Security, we work hard to source guards that have the necessary skills to keep your event safe. They've undergone government-accredited training through an approved organisation, as well as training with us to bring them up to spec.

Finally, we conduct police checks to investigate any past events that may make them unsuitable for service within our team.

If you're interested in event security that can keep your attendees safe and ensure the event runs according to plan, don't hesitate to get in touch with NSR Security today to learn more.

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