How effective is video security?

How effective is video security?

Protecting your business from unsanctioned intrusion is a serious affair, an aspect of modern life which should be of concern for everyone. As such, learning about the effectiveness of various security techniques and systems is equally important.

Tracking the impact on crime rates from the installation of video security systems is not an easy endeavour, however several studies have offered some insightful findings on a large scale which can be applied to personal solutions. Let's take a look at some of the results, and how they might influence your business security strategy.

A Canadian perspective

Research by KPMG in the town of Sudbury, Ontario, looked closely at the inner-city crime rate over a three-year period after the installation of security cameras, following two years of increasing incidents reported. It was found that the city experienced a 38 per cent drop in street robberies after the first camera unit was set up, while the number of crimes against properties dropped by 44 per cent.

These are impressive statistics, backing up the notion that having easily identifiable security cameras at your workplace can act as an effective deterrent to any criminals considering making your business their next target. 

Further research highlights the importance of monitoring

A study carried out by the Urban Institute in the United States into surveillance systems in some of the country's most troublesome areas - Baltimore, Chicago and Washington D.C. - found that while the installation of security cameras was a smart crime prevention strategy, keeping those feeds monitored yielded some real results.

It was noted in Baltimore in particular that officials found the benefit of real-time monitoring had the biggest impact on cutting down crime, allowing police to focus on elements of the situation that could be missed with a basic automated feed. The chances of catching those responsible for the crimes increases as well, as being able to see what is happening instantly can result in a much faster response time.

What does this mean for security in Queensland?

As these studies can attest, investing in the right video security system is an effective crime reduction tool. Whether implementing a city-wide solution or just one camera to cover a single business, keeping criminals at bay should start with clearly letting them know they are being watched. 

At NSR Security, our visual alarm system is designed to activate when it detects unauthorised movement, and 24-hour monitoring staff review the footage and decide the best course of action. For the best security strategy for your business, contact us today.

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