How high is vehicle theft in Australia?

How high is vehicle theft in Australia?

Vehicles are some of the most expensive assets Australian businesses own - and they're also some of the most at risk. 

Sometimes vehicles need to be left unattended overnight, which can make them a target for opportunistic thieves. It's not sufficient to assume they'll survive the night either, as the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) has found that Australia has one of the highest rates of vehicle theft worldwide. 

Between 2009 and 2010 alone, more than 80,000 vehicles were stolen. For a home, this can be shocking. For a business, it can be crippling. 

Businesses that keep their vehicles in a yard or lockup need to ensure it is monitored at all times. Thanks to video alarm systems, these areas don't need to have infrastructure in place - like phone cables or power points - to use these products. 

The AIC pointed out that vehicles thefts are costing Australia more than $1 billion per year, a number that could be easily reduced if businesses ensure they have comprehensive security measures that cover for all sections of their property. 

It can be hard to promote vehicle safety with annual results. However, The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council put it in a different perspective. According to the organisation, there were 145 vehicle thefts per day in 2014. 

That's 145 homes and business that suffered in terms of cost and convenience when they were the victim of theft. 

Other statistics that put the problem in perspective include the fact that if all vehicles stolen and not recovered were parked end to end, it would create a 77​ km long traffic jam. 

As well as equipping your business with video alarms, it's worth enlisting the help of mobile security patrols to ensure your business is inspected throughout the night. 

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