How the Keyholders Index can help your business

How the Keyholders Index can help your business

Every business entrusts certain employees with site keys to open or close the premises at the beginning and end of each working day. At a start-up or small business, the owner may be the only keyholder; however, larger organisations are more likely to have multiple people who have these responsibilities.

But what happens if you've invested in mobile patrols for your business and they spot an irregularity when performing checks on your commercial property? Perhaps a lock has been destroyed, a door was left ajar or other signs of a potential break-in are evident?

In most cases, you will have left instructions for the security guard to get in touch with an after-hours contact or the police. If officers are on their way, they will need the personal details of your keyholders to ensure they can gain access to the property in an emergency. This is why the Queensland Police introduced the Keyholders Index.

What is the Keyholders Index?

As the name suggests, the Keyholders Index is a system that the Queensland Police utilises to track information on keyholders for homes and businesses. The computer platform used for this purpose is called QPRIME.

To be a part of the scheme, you must fill in a form that outlines the name of your business, the workplace address and the type of building for which you are registering details. For example, your property may be a warehouse, supermarket, office or school.

The form also asks for information on your keyholders, including their names, addresses, contact details and any additional relevant comments, such as whether you have a guard dog or video alarm systems.

Furthermore, Queensland Police may request the name, address and telephone number of any security firms you've hired to look after your keys. Officers can then use all the information you provide in the event of a burglary, fire, act of vandalism or other unforeseen event.

Keeping up to date

You can submit the form online or hand in the document at your local police station front desk along with photo IDs to ensure verification. It's also crucial that you keep the details up to date, which means adding or removing individuals when their keyholding responsibilities change.

Sadly, crime appears to be on the rise in Queensland. The Australian Bureau of Statistic recently noted a 6 per cent increase in offenders across the state between 2013-14 and 2014-15, with theft comprising 13 per cent of crimes.

Business owners should therefore invest in the best security systems available to protect their property, assets and employees from potential criminal activity.

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