How to prevent false alarms at your worksite

How to prevent false alarms at your worksite

Companies should always invest in the right security systems to ensure their property, employees and assets are well protected. Whether it's theft, vandalism, graffiti or various other types of crime, victims often suffer both financial and emotional after-effects.

Installing a security alarm is a popular measure among businesses, as they help to alert passersby that a criminal act may be occurring. Alarms are also an effective deterrent for opportunist thieves, particularly if organisations post signs indicating that a system is in place.

However, the Queensland Police has revealed that false alarms can be a problem, which is when something other than criminal behaviour activates a security system. Officer call outs for such events are a waste of time and resources for the police, but there are a number of steps companies can take to mitigate the chances of a false alarm.

According to Queensland Police, the most common causes of false alarms include:

  • User errors
  • Extreme weather
  • Animals
  • Outdated equipment
  • Power surges and telecommunications failures

Preventative measures

Businesses owners should always ensure they have the latest security technology installed. This not only reduces the chances of false alarms, but also maximises protection when a real crime occurs.

The Queensland Police also advises that every person on the premises is competent at using the alarm system, so organisations may want to consider security training for employees.

Frequent testing and maintenance is recommended, as is keeping alarm sensors clear of any unnecessary debris. However, if false alarms are becoming a problem, why not purchase a high-end video alarm system?

These send a 10-second video clip of the premises to a monitoring centre, which means the operator can gauge the situation and decide whether or not to inform the police.

For more information on video alarm systems, please give NSR Security a call today.

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