How to stop graffiti in its tracks

How to stop graffiti in its tracks

Graffiti may seem like a small problem, but it can lead to a large cost for your business. The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) states that it can also have an adverse impact of community safety.

In order to tackle public vandalism, the NSW police have adopted innovative measures. With the AIC indicating the private property is increasingly becoming a target, companies can learn from police to utilise modern security solutions to prevent vandalism.

Using dogs to stop vandalism

The NSW government has a new innovative way of reducing vandalism, through crime-stopping canines. It recently announced that the use of dogs to find spray cans have helped combat graffiti across the Sydney Trains network.

According to Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance, the dogs have had a positive impact on reducing this type of crime, which costs upwards of $30 million a year in damages.

"Their involvement has led to two arrests for graffiti-related offences at Granville and Sydenham stations, and they've sniffed out more than 1200 graffiti cans," Mr Constance said.

"These blitzes have resulted in graffiti incidents dropping from an average of 27 per week to only four per week at some of the targeted locations, and in some sites where there was previously high levels of this criminal activity, there have been weeks where we've had no recorded incidents of graffiti or vandalism."

While it may be unrealistic for a business to hire this type of canine, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of graffiti on your premises. Mr Constance also notes the use of sophisticated technology to help combat vandalism before it happens.

"We're finding new technology to catch vandals in the act, rather than just cleaning up after them," he said.

Concerned about vandalism?

Graffiti can be expensive to clean up and it can also be difficult catching the vandals in progress. However, using a video alarm system can help reduce the chances of your business becoming a victim of vandalism.

The advanced video security options available comes with a team of experts who can check the footage if the alarm is activated. This way, a crime in progress can be reported to police, decreasing false alarms.

Furthermore, these alarms can be programmed to be silent. This way, those responsible are more likely to be caught by police, reducing the chance of repeat offenders.

If you are concerned about vandalism on your premises, contact the team at NSR. We are happy to discuss the best option for your property to help prevent graffiti rather than clean up after it.

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