Improving construction site security

Improving construction site security

Construction sites can be risky areas to manage. For the business or person in charge, copper theft, injuries and damages are all too common.

In fact, according to WorkCover Queensland, construction employers need to take urgent action to reduce a spike in claims. The organisation found that claims in March last year were 42 per cent higher than claims made in January.

Add to this the aforementioned chances of theft and damage to the construction, and it's clear that effective security should not just be a consideration, but an essential part of any development. 

So how can you get started?

Utilise visual alarm systems

With the NSR Construction Site Rental System, users have access to a unique alarm system that captures video footage of the construction site and relays it back to the NSR Monitoring Centre. With our monitoring personnel watching live footage, they can determine whether or not action is required.

At night, for example, when no workers are scheduled to be onsite, we're able to dispatch police if individuals are tampering with equipment. As the video system is only activated when intruders walk in front of infrared sensors, our staff can immediately respond.

But how can such a system transmit video footage so quickly? By using fixed video specs and keeping the file size as low as possible, it's possible to send footage extremely quickly.

Put security guards in place

Capable and modern alarm systems are only part of a powerful security offering - whether it's a construction site or a bank, nothing beats having security personnel on the ground and ready to respond to threats.

However, while they're a useful way to deter crime, guards can also help to keep your workplace safe. They're able to respond to workplace accidents soon after they occur, and prevent pedestrians or other individuals entering a construction site without authorisation, and potentially hurting themselves.

Security guards, along with a capable monitoring system that's in place around the clock, is the most effective way of preventing injuries, thefts and other construction site accidents.

Putting a stop to crime and accidents on a construction site is substantially easier when highly trained security personnel are on site around the clock. If you'd like to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out to NSR Security today.

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