Is the rate of robbery decreasing?

Is the rate of robbery decreasing?

Despite the latest statistics pointing to a reduction in robbery, businesses should still be aware of potential risks. Preventive measures can help ensure these figures continue to decrease.

The Queensland Police Service has released the 2014/15 Annual Statistical Review, detailing crime statistics for the region. In terms of property crime, the area has experienced a reduction in both unlawful entry and theft.

Crime against property decreasing in Queensland

According to the report, the number of recorded offences against property overall decreased by 4 per cent, compared to the previous year's report. These offences include entry without permission as well as robbery of a property.

Overall, the frequency of unlawful entry instances decreased by 15 per cent and within this, the unlawful entry of shops decreased by 25 per cent.

The rate of other theft (excluding unlawful entry) offences decreased by 4 per cent from 2013/14 to 2014/15. This category is the highest in volume of the offences against property categories and thus exerts a significant influence on property crime as a total.

According to the report, a large proportion of robbery victims are companies, not individuals. This highlights the importance of protecting business premises when they are unattended, particularly during a long weekend

These figures correlate with Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data that indicates robbery is decreasing. 

"There were 9,886 victims of robbery recorded by police during 2014, a decrease of almost a third since 2010," says ABS representative William Milne.

The cost of theft

While crime is decreasing, the risk has not been eliminated. Protecting your business from theft should still be a key consideration due to the significant damage a robbery can cause.

The Australian Institute of Criminology estimated in 2011 that robbery cost organisations $6.4 million, an average of $2,210 per incident.

While personnel cannot be on premises at all times, there are still ways to monitor your business for robbery attempts. One way is through the use of video alarm systems that contain sophisticated technology allowing remote monitoring and appropriate response, depending on what is required. 

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