Is your business a prime target for crime?

Is your business a prime target for crime?

Research on crime rates in Australia is usually confined to those who have been arrested for breaking and entering.

However, a recent study by the Australian Institute of Criminology was able to explore the methods of those actively committing burglaries through its Drug Use Monitoring in Australia program. 

Breaking and entering is one of the most common and far reaching forms of criminality in Australia. Security measures to deter robberies such as video alarm systems are a key way to avoid becoming a victim of such crimes. 

The study revealed that traditional means of deterring crime, such as keeping the lights and the television on, do not work with todays criminals. 

While the burglars conceded that a lack of light suggested a vacant site, they were well aware that this is a way of deterring crime. The majority responded that identifying a poor attempt to disguise absence was not difficult. Particularly when it was more likely, for example during long weekends. This indicates that mobile security patrols may be required if you are away from your business premises for a long period of time.

Nevertheless, thieves consider a number of factors before breaking into a property. The research indicated three key reasons why a property is targetted:

  • Properties that are easier to access and lack alarm systems
  • Conditions allowing burglars to stay a minimum amount of time
  • Premises containing goods that can be easily disposed of, such as cash and jewellery

Nevertheless, the study states that simple prevention measures can help mitigate the risk of opportunistic burglaries. The Guardian reported earlier this year that October had the highest occurrence of burglaries in Australia in 2014 (9.7 per cent). Implementing effective measures can help prevent your business from becoming part of these alarming figures.

Placing your property at risk due to substandard security measures can prove to be costly. The tried ways of deterring crime cannot replace the effective modern methods that are available nowadays. If you are concerned about how to protect your premises, contact the staff at NSR for advice.

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