Is your seasonal business safe over winter?

Is your seasonal business safe over winter?

While most of us are busy working all year round, come rain, hail or shine, many business owners shut down for long periods of time. 

It seems like a great chance for business owners to relax and catch their breath, but the reality is that it brings a whole new set of challenges when it comes to security. 

As we've discussed before, even just leaving a property vulnerable overnight can be enough to attract the attention of thieves. For businesses that can go months without any observable activity and often rely on expensive machinery, it's a recipe for disaster if security isn't taken seriously. 

In these situations, its best to ensure the property is inspected regularly, which is where mobile security patrols are ideal. You can even give guards internal access to ensure all parts of your building are safe and secure. 

Here are three types of businesses that should be making an extra effort when activity dies down in the winter:


Not only is the busiest time of these businesses seasonal, but so is their peak time to rake in profits. Any setbacks leading up to spring can greatly reduce the ability for these companies to get a decent harvest together. 

The effect of thefts at this time was unfortunately observed by an orchard across the ditch in New Zealand which had nearly $100,000 worth of avocados stolen over a period of five years. According to a July 2014 article in the Northern Advocate, these thefts forced the business to close.

Tourist attractions

With more than 1.5 million tourists visiting Queensland each year, according to Tourism and Events Queensland, the sunshine state is a popular destination from people across the globe. 

However, many people come for the sunshine, which can put a strain on some tourist attractions that don't get the same amount of attention through the winter. If your business reduces its capacity over the colder months, it's worth making sure all areas are protected by video alarms, ensuring thieves don't take the opportunity to offend. 


You might not have previously considered schools to be a seasonal business, but with periodic holidays often leaving little to no staff at these facilities, they can quickly become a target for thieves. 

This is a great time to put security guards to use, providing a mobile and alert presence to keep intruders at bay when school's out. 

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