Music shop turns to Facebook after break-in

Music shop turns to Facebook after break-in

A small Melbourne music shop recently experienced a break-in, highlighting the importance of effective security. While their Facebook post received support from the local community, there are other ways to protect your property from having to turn to social media for help, such as mobile patrol security.

Burglaries hit smaller companies and retailers hard, and businesses who suffer theft can see revenues drop substantially. As such, having the right protection can be the key to ensuring your business is safeguarded against potential thieves.

Small business overwhelmed by Facebook response

Despite Music Junction reporting that the alarms were triggered, the burglars made off with an estimated $10,000 worth of guitars.

After the break-in, the company turned to Facebook for help. The post was shared more than 1,300 times and received just over 190 likes. The company expressed their gratitude for the online community's support.

"Thank you to all that has shared the prior post and spread the word the last couple of days," Music Junction posted on September 1.

"You've all been incredible support. We appreciate it. It all helps and we are hoping to get a resolution soon!"

While social media is an effective marketing tool, it cannot be relied upon as a replacement for protective security measures. In order to defend your business from instances like this, security measures such as video alarms and mobile patrol services can prove to be a much-needed investment.

How can you protect your business?

Certain businesses such as banks and retailers that hold vast amounts of cash on-site may require permanent security guards. The Australian Institute of Criminology reports that there are more crimes committed against businesses in Australia than households. The most commonly occurring crime is burglary followed by shoplifting.

For robberies occurring at night, mobile patrols can prove to be more cost-effective. They are also useful for when you know your property will be unattended for a long period of time, such as long weekends. 

Standard alarms are not always effective but fortunately there are more advanced options available. Video alarm systems are getting more sophisticated, with off-site monitoring and clear evidence if a crime does occur. This helps the police solve the case faster, as well as providing substantial proof of the robbery.

Contact NSR for more information regarding what security is best suited for your business or property. 

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