New homes in Queensland demonstrate value of security

New homes in Queensland demonstrate value of security

According to the Housing Industry Association, more homes began construction in 2015 than at any point since 1994. In fact, builders started a substantial 46,005 houses.

With new homes certainly comes a higher a chance of burglaries and instances of unlawful entry - a prime opportunity to consider the effectiveness of both mobile patrols, static guards and alarm systems. After all, new homes represent a substantial investment for construction companies.

Home building hits a new high...

CE of HIA Queensland, Warwick Temby, came forward with the figures, explaining that 1994 was the last year to record higher numbers, with 53,210 homes. What's more, there have also been changes in the type of home.

"A quarter of the homes built in 1994 were in multi-unit developments. By 2015 the multi-unit share of the market had grown to more than half," Warwick Temby said.

He explained that come 2018, the organisation expects the multi-unit market to be sitting at around a third of all new homes commenced.

"The outlook continues to vary substantially around the state. Recent approvals suggest that the detached home segment of the Gold Coast will be the main improver as activity in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast appears to be peaking," Mr Temby finished.

Whether multi-unit housing, detached homes or even standalone developments, crime is going to pose an issue.

...And crime is likely to follow

Just recently, the Queensland Police Service announced that there were 458,790 offences in the state in 2015. Back in 2000, there were 449,078 offences.

While numbers for robberies and instances of unlawful entry were down on previous years, the numbers were still high. There were 1,372 robberies in 2015 and 32,483 unlawful entry occurrences.

Construction companies will need to put effective security measures in place. Placing a focus on security can help to deter criminals, catch potential burglars and even identify other threats or concerns.

Here are several security approaches to consider.

  • Advanced alarm systems: With so many construction sites in place in Queensland, how can construction companies ensure tools and materials aren't stolen overnight or on weekends? Alarm systems can provide an answer. With infrared cameras able to detect when individuals enter a site, security personnel can check to see whether or not they're permitted to be there.
  • Alarm responses: Once an alarm has been triggered, it's often necessary to dispatch security personnel to investigate the area. An alarm responses program places uniformed security guards on a premises - professionals able to respond as soon as someone trips an alarm.

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