Preventing unwanted intruders on your building site

Preventing unwanted intruders on your building site

There's little argument that building a new structure, be it a residential, commercial or industrial project, is an expensive endeavour. According to research by Allianz, the cost of building a home has been steadily increasing by almost seven per cent every year over the past three decades.

Being such a valuable asset, it makes sense that people would do all they can to protect their home or other structure from damage or intrusion. Those in the industry of building these structures know how much valuable equipment is used every day on a construction site. Shouldn't these items also be protected with the right security solution?

Security improvements on the building site

There's more to site security than just reducing theft. Keeping intruders out can prevent not only the unauthorised removal of equipment, but also the safety of anyone who has entered the area without permission. According to Work Safe Queensland, one of the most effective ways to deter unsanctioned entry is one of the most well proven solutions - a fence.

When you are considering the addition of a fence around your building site, here are some tips for ensuring they are up to the task:

  • It should be high enough to make entry difficult
  • Make it difficult to climb, with no easy hand and foot holds
  • Don't neglect the base - it shouldn't be possible to crawl underneath
  • Fence gates and joints should be securely connected

In many cases, a strong fence will be enough to discourage criminals, however more dedicated intruders may not be stopped so easily. It's in these times that security becomes less a matter of deterrence and more about alerts and evidence.

Catching intruders in the act

The biggest security issue on a building site lies in preventing theft of tools and materials. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, 39 per cent of residential builders in the nation have at some point been the victim of theft or vandalism, a figure that could be reduced with the introduction of more effective security measures.

Lowering the threat of crime on the construction site depends on either catching people in the act, or ensuring that enough evidence is collected to find those responsible. With NSR Security's construction site system, motion-activated cameras will automatically record any unauthorised entry, and the monitoring service will alert authorities if necessary.

Protect your valuable building site today with the right video security system.

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