Queensland Police acknowledges technology’s ability to fight crime

Queensland Police acknowledges technology’s ability to fight crime

We have a massive amount of technology now that wasn't available 10 or even five years ago. Who would have thought we would have video alarm systems that can send footage wirelessly?

Anyone using NSR's products will know that technological advancements can provide impressive security devices. As it turns out, the Queensland Police have realised this as well, taking a sci-fi inspired fight to the state's criminals. 

Queensland Police have secured another drone to add to its arsenal, taking the fight against crime to the skies. 

How will they use this to fight crime?

Where NSR's services are designed to prevent and detect crime, the Queensland Police is using its drones for a different purpose. 

At this stage, these drones - or remotely piloted aircraft - are equipped with high-definition cameras and used to inspect crime scenes to collect evidence and inspect areas that normal officers may struggle to reach safely. 

According to Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller, these devices could make or break important cases, especially with their exclusive access to some crime scene environments and unique bird's eye views. 

"These new drones will offer investigators the opportunity to record a comprehensive aerial overview of crime scenes – something that they haven't been able to do before now," she said.

"The images the drones can capture will be invaluable when it comes to presenting evidence in court."

These cameras can catch more than just photos as well, and the cameras they are equipped with serve to provide video evidence that could re-shape the nature of evidence gathering and crime reporting. 

While technology is helpful in the security field, NSR believes a human element is key to our security services as well, which is why you can compliment your video alarm approach with mobile security patrols - combining the advantages of both a physical human presence with technological advances to help secure your property. 

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