Queensland police boosts support for security

Queensland police boosts support for security

While NSR offers a number of security solutions to keep Queensland businesses and residences safe, like video alarm systems, these are useless if they aren't backed up by the state's police department. 

Thankfully, the Queensland government's commitment to providing a safe state for all its residents has resulted in another sizable intake into the police force. The recruits weren't all of the human variety either, with three new police dogs supplementing the force's crime-fighting capabilities. 

According to Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller, this is just the beginning of the additions to Queensland's police force, as the budget has provided a substantial boost to its recruitment efforts. 

"In last week's Budget we set aside $28 million to boost the ranks of the QPS over the next year by 266 officers over and above attrition," she said. 

"I'm pleased that we're already delivering on that commitment."

So far, this recruitment drive has got off to a solid start, with 89 new recruits sworn in at a recent ceremony. The occasion marks their successful completion of 25 weeks of tough training to ensure they're ready to fight crime on Queensland's streets. 

Once this latest campaign is completed, it will bring the total number of new recruits in the Queensland police to around 1,100 in four years. 

These investments haven't been just in personnel however, with the police also confirming it has secured 1,000 vehicles to give officers the best possible support on the state's roads. The budget also pledged $6,000,000 to take the fight to the skies with the continued use of the police helicopter for Brisbane and Gold Coast. 

According to its Strategic Plan for 2014 to 2018, this latest recruit drive is an attempt to mitigate some of the challenges that could be facing the force. In the plan, it acknowledged that maintaining staff engagement and capability was a key concern to manage in the future.

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