Rio Olympics scare emphasises importance of event security

Rio Olympics scare emphasises importance of event security

A recent scare in Rio prior to the start of the 2016 Olympics is putting the spotlight on event security. Australian paralympic sailor Liesl Tesch and team physiotherapist Sarah Ross were robbed at gunpoint in Rio over a month before the games are set to begin.

Now, the Australian Olympic Committee is calling for an increase in security personnel for athlete protection prior to the Olympic start date, according to The Australian. In fact, Olympic team chief, Kitty Chiller, has requested that Rio organisers mobilise the troop of 100,000 security personnel set aside for the games immediately to ensure the safety of arriving athletes leading up to the games.

In an unprecedented move, the AOC has articulated its intention to hire a private security company if needed to ensure the safety of their athletes. This potential measure came along with a proposed potential athlete curfew and a designation of no-go areas for the team, noted the source.

The incident

Tesch, an Australian Olympian in the sports of wheelchair basketball and sailing, was riding a bike with Ross early in the morning when two men approached the pair, explained the Sydney Morning Herald.

At that point, one of the men pulled out a gun and pointed it at Tesch's chest. Both Tesch and Ross speculate the perpetrators were seeking money but neither could understand their requests. The men ultimately stole the women's bikes and rode off.

This wasn't the first incident in Rio sparking Olympic concerns. In fact, it wasn't even the most recent. Just days after Tesch's hold up, a gang of drug traffickers with grenades stormed a hospital in Rio which was recommended for Olympic visitors. The attack killed a patient during a gunfight with police authorities.

Security solutions

The current predicament in Rio emphasises the need for increased professional security measures during large-scale events. While your next event is most likely not as sizeable as the upcoming Olympics, having the appropriate security measures in place can give you and your attendees peace of mind for the duration of the affair.

NSR Security solutions exist to do just that. Whether it is enlisting the help of our party and event security personnel or simply hiring a few of our security guards to stand at the parameters, we can help ensure your next event is safe and secure.

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