Robbery of Gold Coast policeman highlights importance of security

Robbery of Gold Coast policeman highlights importance of security

When it comes to crime, many people possess a "this can't happen to me" mentality. However, crime can strike anytime, anywhere and be aimed at anyone. A recent robbery of a Gold Coast police officer sheds light on the fact that a criminal merely requires opportunity - taking little else into consideration.

According to Detective Superintendent Mick Niland, a member of the elite anti-bikie Taskforce Maxima was the victim of a car robbery on a Tuesday evening near the Palm Beach area. The suspect smashed the window of the police vehicle, stealing a load bearing vest issued by the police, reported the Brisbane Times. The vest's contents included pepper spray, handcuffs, a baton and two Glock magazines with ammunition.

There is ample concern regarding the perpetrator potentially impersonating the police officer and using the equipment in an aggressive fashion.

"This was a random, opportunistic type of crime and we hope that investigations by Gold Coast police and our taskforce will resolve the matter," explained Niland.

Protecting your premises from crime

While this is merely one incident of robbery, it does highlight the fact that any person is susceptible to crime - even law enforcement agents. And, unfortunately, armed robberies in particular are on the rise.

According to statistics from the Queensland Police News, since 2011 robberies have gone down 1.7 percent but armed robberies have gone up by 18.6 percent. Businesses across Australia must be mindful of the potential for crime in their area.

Both companies and government agencies alike should be taking the necessary precautions to avoid the potential dangers a robbery like this could cause. So, what are some of the most effective prevention methods?

1. Conduct a proper risk assessment: The first step to securing your business location involves assessing risk. Leaders should conduct a thorough evaluation of their company. What kind of risks does your surrounding area present? Does your industry have a high rate of crime? Answer these questions to make the relevant security decisions.

2. Invest in the necessary services: Your risk assessment should help you determine which security services are necessary for your business. This could include things like security guards, mobile patrol security, visual alarm systems or virtual patrols. Whatever the systems, investments in these measures will ensure improved security.

3. Consult a professional: Having trouble deciding which measures will work for you? Contact the professionals. Here at NSR, we have years of experience in the security services realm and we're happy to help. Give us a call today!

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