School holidays? Secure your construction site with 3 quick tips

School holidays? Secure your construction site with 3 quick tips

For students in Queensland, the term two holiday break is nearing its close. While this may seem like a minor detail for construction leaders, holidays provide ample reason to up security measures at construction sites.

According to an interview in Work Safe News with Victorian WorkCover Authority Manager of Construction Practices Allan Beacom, wandering kids on school vacation present a real liability to construction companies.

"Kids are inquisitive and many could see a construction site as an adventure playground. Good security will prevent them making their way onto a construction site and injuring themselves," Beacom explained.

Caution: Crime ahead

Holidays can also up the potential of site robberies or vandalism. The lack of enclosures at these locations can provide easy access for unpermitted entry. Combine these relatively simple means of entry with an excessive amount of free time and you could potentially have a spike in crime on your hands.

Both criminal opportunity and inquisitive children provide ample reason for construction leaders to reconsider their current security measures. So, how can you ensure your construction site has optimal protection during the next term holiday (or any holiday for that matter)? We've compiled some quick tips:

Don't wait until the last minute: If your site is going to shut down for a holiday period make sure you don't rush the closing of your site. Hurried shut down processes can result in oversights and make your site more susceptible to crime. Give yourself ample time to close everything down. Try making a checklist so you don't forget to secure any equipment or fence openings.

Clear the site: Whether you are closing down your site for a week or for a night, clear your most valuable materials from the premises before you shut down. While this doesn't necessarily guarantee a lack of trespassers, it does minimise the potential for stolen goods.

Call the professionals: The best way to protect your site is by letting the professionals take care of things for you. Here at NSR we offer construction site rental systems. With this package you receive a unique alarm system that captures video footage and sends it to our monitoring professionals.

It is completely wireless for easy movement and is activated when an intruder passes one of the infrared sensors. Once the video is reviewed by one of our team members they will decide whether or not the trigger requires police attention (eg: a stray cat vs. a burglar).

To learn more about how our services can help you, contact an NSR rep today!

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