Secure your business with a visual alarm system

Secure your business with a visual alarm system

With household burglary one of the most common crimes in Australia, many of us go to great pains to defend our homes against against criminal elements in our society. What you may find surprising, however, is just how many of the country's businesses also fall victim to break-ins and theft.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, of the 218,193 burglaries reported in 2011, over 60,000 were at businesses, not homes. That's a huge proportion of the total figure, highlighting just how great the risks are. To protect your small business, perhaps a more effective security solution is required.

Investing in an alarm system

Given that it's likely there will be no one staying on site at your place of business overnight, making sure to lock doors and windows may not be enough to keep criminals out. In your home, for example, if a window is broken there's a good chance someone will hear, so burglars may be less likely to force entry.

In an empty workplace however, particularly one in an industrial area far from residential neighbourhoods, it's possible any noise will go unnoticed, meaning a better deterrent strategy is required.

In this instance, installing a modern alarm system may be your best option. For the most comprehensive solution available, consider the benefits of a visual alarm. With motion activated sensors which instantly start the recording equipment and notify a 24-hour monitoring centre where the incident can be assessed.

Should such a response be required, police will be immediately be dispatched within minutes of the initial triggering of the alarm. For peace of mind that your valuable business and equipment are well protected, the system is among the most reliable on the market.

Talk to NSR Security today about how your place of business in Queensland could benefit from a visual alarm system.

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