Securing your home starts with common sense

Securing your home starts with common sense

There are few feelings we experience worse than knowing you have been the victim of a break in. The very idea of someone gaining unauthorised entry to your home, even if they ultimately don't take anything with them when they leave, is incredibly unsettling.

Thankfully, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the amount of household crime such as break-ins and malicious property damage has been declining for a number of years. However, across the country hundreds of people are still reporting these crimes every day, and while the problem seems to be getting better, it's unlikely to ever completely go away.

Discouraging unwanted intruders from trying to enter your home doesn't need to be difficult, you just need to use some basic common sense and follow the right advice.

Removing the opportunity and temptation

If you have ever found yourself returning home to a break in, there's a reasonable chance the perpetrator of the crime simply saw an opportunity and took it. Whether that was open or unlocked doors and windows, accessible keys or obvious signs of emptiness, you can reduce the chances of it happening again by taking a few security steps.

Locking doors and windows when you aren't at home, or at night, is a precaution most people are probably already taking. That said, some of us are likely still hiding keys in fairly obvious places around our homes, such as under flower pots or a doormat. Any keys that can be easily found, or even reached somehow - through a cat flap, for example - are possibly all the enticement a thief needs to try their luck.

Even if there is no obvious path of access to your home, that may not deter someone if they consider the risk worthwhile. Hiding any expensive, easily grabbed items from sight is a simple and effective way to remove that temptation, and give any potential burglars less reason to enter your home.

Keep eyes on your property

Obviously it's unlikely you can maintain constant monitoring of your home and property, but modern video alarm systems can take that responsibility for you. Equipped with infrared sensors that activate the recording system, the NSR Visual Alarm then transmits that footage to a monitoring centre where it is assessed, and further action is taken if required.

Acting as both a deterrent and monitoring and alert service, installing a sophisticated video security system can give you peace of mind whenever you step out the door.

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