Taking action with your business security plan

Taking action with your business security plan

In a past post we discussed the importance of conducting a proper risk assessment for your business location. This process is often considered a precursor to designing a definitive business security plan. Just like the stretches before an actual run, your risk assessment will play a big part in how smooth your security plan creation goes.

Security plans are all about tangible actions. Whether it be finally hiring those mobile patrol security guards or finalising your master plan and sending it out to your staff your business plan is actionable and concrete.

Designing and implementing your business security plan

The key thing to remember before diving into some of the key elements of a business security plan is that these steps will constantly be subject to change. As technology evolves and the business landscape continues to change, so will the needs and expectations for adequate security. With that in mind, here are some key aspects of any efficient business security plan:

Write it down: Your team should have a definitive blueprint for your security plan. This will ensure everyone in the office is aware of protocol should an emergency come up. Don't leave out any details in this document. From where video alarm systems are located to standard procedure for any imminent threats - this information will help keep your employees and business assets safe.

Make the necessary investments: Security is one place where businesses should always make ample investments. Protecting your premises not only provides peace of mind but can protect your company's reputation and overall profitability. Your risk assessment should have revealed information that will help your team make an educated decision about which security devices or personnel make the most sense for your location - your security plan requires you to make those purchases.

Test it out: Staff training and drills are important to ensure your security procedures actually work. Don't wait until something goes wrong to see if your plan makes sense, test it out. This also encompasses frequent test runs for your digital equipment like video alarm systems and digital monitoring hardware.

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