The impact of vandalism on Australian businesses

The impact of vandalism on Australian businesses

Australia is a wonderful place to do business, a country built on an entrepreneurial spirit which, if you examine the statistics, clearly still remains today. In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the nation is home to over two million businesses, 97 per cent of which are SMEs with less than 20 employees.

For the owners of these businesses, there are not many things that can be more demoralising than being victims of crime. Keeping yourself and your business protected against external threats is an ongoing issue for most, but there are some simple techniques to deter criminals from targeting your business.

The vandalism epidemic

Vandalism comes in many forms, however in the age we live in few problems are as common as graffiti. According to CrimeStoppers Queensland, the Brisbane City Council spends over $4 million annually on graffiti cleanup, across an area of the city spanning a staggering 128,000 square metres.

Along with being unsightly, CrimeStoppers note that the presence of this form of vandalism can suggest an area is unsafe, and as a result businesses in that area may suffer. So, on top of having to account for graffiti cleaning and removal in your budget, you may actually see a fall in profits due to the problem.

Deterring vandals

Obviously personally maintaining a vigilant monitoring strategy over your small business isn't a reality for most, so bringing in the services of a professional security patrol team may be the best option. By having experienced personnel regularly monitor your workplace, the opportunity for vandals to do damage unseen is minimised, meaning they're more likely to leave your assets undisturbed.

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