The Rio Olympics security saga continues

The Rio Olympics security saga continues

The buzz around the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil is growing rapidly as the games are now less than a week away. However, not all of the buzz has been positive. Olympians across the globe have been given yet another reason to worry as Brazilian authorities fired security guard firm Artel, according to the Daily Mail.

The million dollar deal was terminated as news broke that the firm could not fill the necessary screening guard roles on their own. Officials have now begun recruiting the help of ex-soldiers and ex-policemen to fill the deficit. As it stands, a mere 300 of the 3,000 security guard roles have been filled, reported the source.

Interestingly, the event security dilemma is similar to one faced by London Olympic organisers in 2012.

Two weeks prior to the 2012 games start date, the G4S security firm notified officials that they could not provide the 10,400 guards set out in the contract. The British Government was then forced to have an additional 3,500 troops on standby to compensate for the deficit.

Political turmoil and terrorism increase concern

Despite the need for backup in Brazil, the changes in venue screeners will not affect the 85,000 police and soldiers that have already been commissioned to patrol the streets of Rio for the duration of the games, reported Reuters.

In a time of political turmoil, the announcement surrounding the loss of the security firm contract is concerning. The news notably broke as thousands protested at Copacabana beach calling for the removal of suspended President Dilma Rousseff.

Justice Minister Alexandre Moraes noted that the main security concerns at the game involve crime against visitors, however, recent arrests of several individuals claiming allegiance to ISIS have many worried about the potential of terrorist attacks, explained Reuters.

Current events emphasise need for reliable event security

The necessity of a dependable security firm is of the utmost importance during high-profile events. The dilemma in Rio has merely highlighted just how critical security measures are for the safety of event attendants. 

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