Top 3 biggest robberies of all time

Top 3 biggest robberies of all time

Crime happens every day. A statement that you know to be undeniably true when you work in the security business. However, every once in awhile there are crimes that are almost unfathomable in scale - especially when it comes to robberies. Let's take a look at three of the biggest robberies of all time.

1. Antwerp Diamond Heist: In 2003 Leonard Notarbolo orchestrated a heist that resulted in the theft of over $100 million worth of gold, diamonds and jewelry. His gang of thieves ransacked 123 of 160 security boxes in the Antwerp Diamond centre located in Belgium. The diamonds were never recovered.

2. Great Hatton Garden Heist: The most recent of the robberies on our list, in 2015 a gang of retirees managed to steal an estimated $300 million worth of loot from an underground vault in London's diamond district. The good were transported out of the vault in giant trash containers on wheels.

They were ultimately caught because they forgot to steal a single CCTV camera, which captured their faces and actions on video (a compelling case for the use of discreet security cameras).

3. The Great Bookie Robbery: We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Australia's biggest armed robbery to date. A gang of six stole an estimated $15 million from bookmakers at the Queen Street Club in 1976 (though the exact figure has never been confirmed).

The robbery took a total of 11 minutes to execute and most likely months of strategic planning. While one of the robbers, Norman Lee, was convicted, none of the other criminals ever faced charges and the funds were never recovered.

Protect your business

While most businesses will likely never encounter robberies of this scale, robbery in general is a very real occurrence. According to statistics from the Queensland Police News, since 2011 robberies have gone down 1.7 percent but armed robberies have gone up by 18.6 percent.

Leaders should ensure their properties are secured to the best of their ability. From mobile patrols to top notch alarm systems, investing in the relevant security systems is a critical strategy for optimal business protection. NSR is here to help. To learn more about what security solutions we can offer your business, check out our services page today.

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