Two is better than one: Combining security tech and personnel

Two is better than one: Combining security tech and personnel

It's no secret that technology has transformed nearly every industry and business across the globe. While core functions remain the same, many processes have been streamlined and digitised through a variety of technological advancements. The realm of security is no different.

From accounting for the emergence of cyber crime to optimising building security measures with the help of video surveillance and alarm systems, protecting your business has more layers than ever before. And the global market for security services is still on the rise in 2016. According to Freedonia Group, international demand is projected to increase 7.4 percent annually this year, totaling $244 billion in global revenue.

These numbers suggest an increased investment in security as a whole across the globe. The study noted that this can be credited to rising urbanisation, public sentiment surrounding safety due to crime and terrorism and an economic environment that enables room for investments in increased security.

When it comes to optimal level of security, the convergence of digital security measures and security guards provides businesses and construction sites with optimal levels of protection. However, the pairing of the two strategies does present a few hurdles in terms of integration, communication and education - let's take a look at how to effectively join your digital security and physical security solutions.

Define roles: Having two security solutions in place provides your business or site with powerful protection. This can only be made stronger by defining the functions and roles of each system. When mapping out your security plan, lay down the intended purpose of your tech versus your security guards. Generally, security guards are best at preventing crime while tech like video surveillance systems can help solve it.

Educate your team: One of the most important steps in integrating your different security approaches involves education. This extends across your entire business. From the security guards themselves to your security tech team to your every day employees. Make sure everyone is on the same page about protocols and expectations. Ensure your guards understand the basics of tech and your tech specialists understand the strategy of the guards.

NSR Security can help equip your business with the best of both worlds. Whether you want to up the ante with your digital alarm systems or add some extra manpower to your security strategy – we've got your covered.

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