Using technology to combat crime

Using technology to combat crime

Recent research from Frost & Sullivan indicates that police forces are increasingly investing in digital solutions to help identify criminals with more ease. This highlights the importance of organisations bolstering alarm systems with more sophisticated technology.

Moreover, an Urban Institute study indicates that surveillance tools can act a cost-effective security solution when properly implemented. This not only helps improve the safety of business premises but also reduces the chances of reporting a false alarm. 

The future of catching criminals

The new Frost & Sullivan report highlights the importance of law enforcement using advanced technology to catch criminals. According to 'Enforcing the Law Using Biometrics', the use of automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) needs to be developed and prioritised to help law enforcement.

The study states that this technology can help police identify criminals, using the latest technology to ensure law-breakers are caught swiftly. Not only is this better for society, but also reduces the workload on law enforcement.

Frost & Sullivan's analysis indicates that the biometrics market is already showing its benefits, with revenue rates of $838 million in 2014. Moreover, this is forecasted to reach over $1.1 million by 2021 as this technology is adopted at higher rates.

With the advancement in digital solutions, it is important to invest in sophisticated security solutions in your business. While a traditional alarm system is essential for any company, there are also measures that can be implemented to boost security.

The benefits of video security

According to an Urban Institute study, surveillance cameras have a significant impact on crime reduction. The research found that monitored video alarm systems are cost-beneficial to organisations.

It noted that unsuccessful video security systems are often caused by a lack of active monitoring. In contrast, video alarm systems that are routinely watched allows a crime in progress to be identified and the police dispatched.

Not only does this reduce attempted thefts but also decreases the chance of a false alarm wasting police resources and time. The study notes the importance of ensuring any surveillance systems are implemented correctly in order to mitigate the risk of break-ins. 

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