WA commits to safer Australia

WA commits to safer Australia

Most inner-city areas are now equipped with CCTV networks that endeavour to keep people and businesses safe by making it easier to report and investigate crime. While it is still important to set up your own network of video alarm systems, knowing that there is a higher authority on the lookout can also help to promote feelings of security. 

Brisbane police have been using a city-wide CCTV network for years, and now WA is looking to add a new network in an attempt to provide similar levels of safety for its citizens. Developments such as this should contribute to make Australia a safer place overall. 

The WA government will provide $7 million for a new integrated CCTV network to maintain security in its communities. Up to $4 million of the funding is for grants to local governments, ensuring people and business are kept safe across the region. 

"The money will fund local government grants to buy cameras and CCTV equipment, while the balance will link the cameras together and allow police to access them," Police Minister Liza Harvey said.

An effort will be made to supply extra cameras to high-risk areas to try and reduce crime in these areas. 

The project is a combined effort from both the public and private sector, and could provide an example for the rest of the country to follow when it comes time to upgrade. 

"This government is committed to making communities safer through tough laws and police resources and CCTV has been a great tool in both preventing and solving crime," said Ms Harvey.

"This camera network will allow police to access any internet-based CCTV system which is part of the network and view in real time the pictures being recorded."

Overall, two purposes will be served with this network. It is expected to be a greater deterrence to criminals, while also offering better methods of detection when crimes do take place. 

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